A Suspense/Thriller Feature Film
(c) 2020 Florenzano Films

A struggling real estate agent, Ryan Cradle, is in and over her head with her
husband’s debts to a powerful criminal. Working hard to make that extra sell and
raising a child at the same time, Ryan wishes for a life of peace with family and

While hosting a party to a small group of rich friends, secrets are unveiled about
her husband and her guest’s extravagant lifestyles that lead to deadly

Distraught, Ryan struggles to race against time to save her family from the chaos
that is about to happen. Slowly, people start disappearing while discovering each
other’s exploits. Jealousy, rage, gossip, turmoil spills between the guests and the
hosting couple.


As the clock starts ticking, will Ryan be able to get the funds from
her guests in order to pay John’s debt collector in time? Or will Ryan face the
deadly consequences from her husband’s indiscretions and see her family’s life
torn to pieces?